Co-Working space

An essential factor for coming up and implementing innovative ideas is the environment where people with common interests will be able to get to know and help each other and unite around a common idea.

Medialab has created a free co-working space where freelancers and small startup teams will be able to work in a cozy, comfortable environment, exchange ideas, and help each other. The co-working space is equipped with modern office equipment, high-speed internet, an isolated meeting room, and many other tools needed to work comfortably.

Space can be used by small startup groups, freelancers, programmers, designers, sound engineers, bloggers, and anyone who wants to help startups in product development.

Co-working space is free of charge; we ask you to help and inspire each other.

If you want to join Medialab co-working, register here and wait for the approval.

Co-working space will open after the restrictions related to COVID19 are eliminated.


10 June

13 December


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15 November

Co-Working space

Medialab Co-working space is free of charge; we just ask you to help and inspire each other.