Startup Incubator

Going to market for the first time is a turning point for startups where their ideas and perceptions meet the harsh reality. Medialab Startup Incubator helps startups to overcome this difficult stage.

The purpose of the incubator is to help startups refine products and bring them to the market. Resident startups at Medialab Incubator are given individual workspace, meeting rooms, and access to lab equipment.

Resident startups will go through the incubation process, which includes mentoring, free training and workshops, assistance from a lawyer, developer, engineer, or other specialists. Resident startups have the opportunity to receive funding from Medialab.

To join the program, sign up. The registration form will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

The relevance of the startup idea to the field of communications

Innovativeness of idea

The global potential of the idea


13 December


Medialab offers an individual acceleration program for startups working on products related to the communication industry...
15 November

Co-Working space

Medialab Co-working space is free of charge; we just ask you to help and inspire each other.
14 November

Startup Incubator

Medialab Incubator helps startups through their journey from first customers to sustainable business.