Startup Cemetery - Get ready for the harsh reality

03 August 2020

There is an opinion that in life, at least once, everyone has an idea that could earn a million, but only a few can implement it. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and many other products that we use every day were ideas, and then they were realized. Turning an idea into reality is full of difficulties, which is why ideas often remain ideas.

An important factor for startups to think and implement original ideas is the environment where people with common interests meet and unite around an idea. The best examples of such environments are the ecosystems of Silicon Valley, London, or Berlin, where many successful startups have been created. Their main advantage is an environment where everyone - coffee seller, engineer, student, or taxi driver - thinks about the startup idea and is not afraid to share it with others.

However, a comfortable environment alone is not enough for a startup to succeed. At an early stage, it is crucial to understand how valuable your idea is and how realistic it is to implement it. This requires a complex process of idea validation. Only then does the difficult way of creating a product begin, which involves constantly solving new problems that arise along the way. It is in this process that most startups give up.

Startup difficulties do not end with creating a product. Going to market for the first time for a startup is a turning point where beautiful ideas and imaginations meet a harsh and ruthless reality. At this point, your idea could make a million, but it could also end up in a startup cemetery.

While you are reading this article, 40 new startups will appear in the world; Four of them will fail at the initial stage, 20 will not be able to go to the market, even if they find investors: they will run out of financial resources, will not be able to find customers, the team will fall apart ...Only one startup out of this forty can achieve real success. Every day, 124 thousand startup ideas in the world are destroyed by this harsh reality, so before you start, write a startup will. However, on this difficult path, you will also meet people who believe in you and are willing to take the risk with you. These are investors, accelerators, and incubators, even first-time customers.

The purpose of this article is not to scare startups. Rather, we want to motivate them to fight for success in a more thoughtful, smart, purposeful, relentless, stubborn way.

Even startup cemetery is not the end. A real startupper often returns to the battlefield with new ideas, knowledge, and experience.

What is Medialab?

Medialab is a startup incubator that prepares you for the harsh reality and goes through this difficult path with you.

As we have found out, the startup has to overcome a lot of difficulties before the incubator. That is why Medialab has an Acceleration Program for early-stage startups in the field of communications.

We agreed on the importance of the environment. The environment is not just a place; it is people. Medialab's co-working space is a place for friendly, creative, welcoming, daring people, where startups, freelancers, interesting people meet, help and share ideas with each other, come together around ideas, and work together to find innovative solutions.

If you think you belong here, come to Medialab.

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